The current order of Smovey Rings is due, but may be delayed for a week or two.  I will be getting a small amount of both classic Green and Black Smoveys to tie me over to new shipment.  Please message me if you are okay with the Black color (same rings as green) as they may be more readily available.  Sorry for any inconveniance.  

Message to Ilene

SE Discount

Please note the manufacturer's set price for one set of Smovey Rings is $168.  I offer a discount for the Somatic Experiencing community which has been approved by SmoveyNorthAmerica.  


  • New shipment of classic green Smovey Rings expected May 15th.  There's a few left right now on first come, first serve basis.  No more black, but they are on Amazon if you want them.
  • At this time I can only accept payments from a U.S. credit card.  I'm willing to mail to other countries (as I know they are hard to find elsewhere) but shipping is quite expensive.

Email Ilene with any questions please

SMOVEY RINGS - Sales/Shipping only available within USA

Contact Ilene directly

I can e-mail an invoice directly to pay on-line. Please provide your city and zip code and how many sets you would like.

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