Smovey Vibroswing-System

Smovey Description


  • The SmoveyVIBROSWING system is a swinging-ring health and fitness tool developed by Austrian tennis instructor and ski enthusiast Johann Salzwimmer.  When diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he became committed to find a way to improve his quality of life.
Smovey rings consist of two spiraled tubes, each with four steel balls and a cushioning grip.  The balls move as a free mass, creating a vibrational stimulus on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. It’s as if the pulsating vibration synchronizes with the natural vibrational frequencies in the human body, bringing balance and a sense of well-being. The rings can be applied to just about any type of rigorous or gentle exercise.
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  • Also check out YouTube by typing in Smovey exercises.  You will get all kinds, mostly in German, but easy to follow
  • Finally check out the Smovey North America website:

Smovey & Somatic Experiencing


  • Dr. Peter Levine and many Somatic Experiencing Practitioners find the Smovey rings to be a useful tool in trauma healing therapy.  A common effect of traumatic experience is a disconnect from one's own body. The smovey rings can be effective in helping a person gently discover sensations in their body. For most people, the vibrations feel pleasant; for some it may be too stimulating. A disclaimer:  the Somatic Experiencing method is designed to work with a trained and experienced therapist. However, you can gently swing the rings and see if you find the sensations pleasant.  
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  • Be sure to check out Review section for video and testimonials

Ilene's Personal Smovey Experience


  • I have been personally dealing with a neurological movement condition and workouts with the Smoveys are tremendously beneficial! I use the rings in most of my exercise: boot camp, walking, spinning and YouTube workouts.  In addition to muscle and cardiovascular conditioning, the Smovey vibrations feel enormously soothing to my nervous system. The vibrations are like a movement glide, promoting opening in my musculature, natural help with posture and increased stability for balance. I always feel stronger and less tight after a workout. If you purchase the Smoveys and are dealing with specific health concerns, I recommend you bring them to a movement professional for input on using them with your specific condition. 
  • In early 2015 I contacted the Smovey company in Austria to inquire how I could learn more about the product.  They connected me to Smovey NorthAmerica CEO Bernd Zimmermann, who was just launching the Smoveys in the USA and Canada.  With Bernd’s mentoring, I became a certified Smovey coach and licensed re-seller. I am interested in exploring new ways the Smoveys can help a variety of populations with greater well-being through movement. I hope you enjoy and find value in this product as much as I have!